Lost in the Mall
 is an archive and storytelling soundscape project. It presents the soundscape of the recently opened mall “il Centro” in Arese (Milan), which began operations in April 2016. Our intentions were to document a wide range of samples of this environment, through the perspective of a storyline that we had created: a child arrives to the mall with his parents, and he gets lost in the daedalus of shops and play areas, where his parents will eventually find him. We then recorded 45 sound samples from the underground parking lot to the most known shops and commercial areas of the mall, imagining where a child would go if he would get lost. Those samples were then used to compose a sound narrative which interprets the child’s adventure.

We chose to create a sound archive of this particular place as it immediately became a landmark for the suburbs’ residents. We wanted to explore how the mall changed the behaviour of people form Milan and even more of local Arese’s inhabitants.

The project is now an archive of the impact of this commercial space in the soundscape of the town of Arese.

All the recorded samples are available in their library category, while the narrative can be enjoyed here

Students: Valeria De Gioannis, Valentina Bottan, Giulia Cozzi
March – July 2016

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