Back to the past is a soundscape project developed by students Giulia De Filippo, Amelia Deambrogi, Raffaella Foglio and Martina Graziano during their Sound Design course in 2017. The project analyses the Prehistoric Park situated in Rivolta d’Adda. Below, their vision of the project:

We represented the park through the ears of a primary school class during their tour back in time aboard a train. We recorded a whole range of sounds exploring the area, focusing on the attraction that the kids enjoy the most: the birdcage, the little waterfall, the brontosaurus replicas, the playground, the pond and the farm area. We connected all these sounds to create a composition that could revive these children adventure.

We created an archive of sounds of this place because it’s located in a zone that was early used as hunting area and then converted to a park, proving that this place has always been one of the main aggregation centers of the local population for many decades and it’s now risking to be closed due to budget cuts. With this project we wanted to create a long lasting memory of this place.
Special greetings to Prehistoric Park. 

All the recorded samples are available in their library category, while the narrative can be enjoyed here

Students: De Filippo GiuliaDeambrogi AmeliaFoglio RaffaellaGraziano Martina
June 2017

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