Acoustic Flow is a soundscape project developed by students Diego Gandolfo and Martina Nini during their Sound Design course in 2017. Below, their vision of the project:

“It all started by our curiosity toward Stazione Centrale, as one of the most important melting pots in Milano City. This place has a fundamental relevance for the milanese community, and an international one too, as an affecting area on people’s everyday life.

We look at this place through our eyes and see it as a familiar place because we both have connections: a stationmaster grandfather who has worked in the milanese Stazione Centrale and a great grandfather who has worked on the fabrication of the railways between Italy and China. This intimacy we have is stronger also because we live in Milan and we are used to interact  with the station itself to travel, meet people or come back home.

With this project we aim to investigate a new point of view: through audio records we want to enlighten collective and individual imaginary, full of memories, desires, emotions and experiences.

Life around this building, and the most recent facts about international actuality too, grants this area an arousing attention. That is why we wanted to dig into the hidden life of Stazione Centrale: our intention is to look directly to the dark and gloomy imaginary, that people could have right now, and to analyse it. Audio recording everyday life into the different station’s halls, corridors and shops can contribute reconstructing the different elements for awareness of what’s going on. The greatest part of our work concentrates on the records by night because we thought that it is a part of the day usually not considered, not known.

The post-records files collection has brought to light this “acoustic flow”: the train station revealed itself as a living creature, witch breathes and has a pulsing flow inside its veins.

We saw people traveling, waiting, gangs, station workers, some homeless. Through the passing of the day Stazione Centrale revealed its nature as a pulsing machine, witch does not ever stops, not even by night. It is always inhabited at every hour, in every hidden corner. Its pulse only slows down for a few moments before rising again.

Our aim has been to investigate reality to reform the common thoughts about Stazione Centrale in Milan and we did a great experience in about 13 hours of stay. Our work is a research of truth and the discovery of a new point of view to look at this area: there is not “the right one”, obviously, but we confronted ourselves with the one seen by night.

Our final product can show people this vitality we found: it is musicalised with the rithm which form this living being”.

All the recorded samples are available in their library category, while the narrative can be enjoyed here