Sonic Poetry is a two-days experience where students are meant to translate a piece of poetry into a sound composition. Through a series of exercises, participants learn the process of abstraction from the text into an emotional realm made of sounds only. The approach is intendedly linguistic, as the sound composition achieved by the end of the workshop is meant to be a translation of the poetic work, communicating the same emotional content. Students can therefore experiment with the language of sound and its complex subtleties and textures.

The translational process employs various techniques including Cathy Berberian’s Stripsody. The photo gallery shows some examples of students’ work, experimenting with a visual stage of the translation, before moving to the acoustic realm.

The workshop was held several times across the world; below some examples of mexican students’ compositions based on the poem Las Calles by Jorge Luis Borges. The works are made by student at their first experience ever with the medium of sound.

by Mendoza Melgarejo Andrea, Monroy Hernández José Luis, Feria Cano Pablo Sebastian (stripsody n. 1)


by Neria Murillo Stephanie Elizabeth, Sanchez Arciniega Naxca, Sanchez Sanchez Itzel, Morales Moyano Luis Fernando (stripsody n. 2)
by Palacios Ávila Johanna Paulina, Rosales Tapia Jessica Yasmin, Urióstegui González Jesús Ricardo (stripsody n. 3)
by Agüero Marecos Teresa Elizabeth, Arias Guerrero Ana Karen, Gómez Mora Humberto, Zúñiga Martínez Lessly Harleem (stripsody n. 4)