Relaxing Orchestra is a project that was born as an intensive workshop aimed to create a sonic waterfall during one of NABA Open Day events: people could sit underneath and chill out to its sounds.

Eight between students and instructors got together for an almost residential two-days workshop during which they have talked about music, relaxation and sounds. They then shared some objects and described why they found them relaxing, and then their sounds were recorded, producing 75 high quality samples.

Among other objects we recorded: a tambourine, a table-tennis ball, paper crunching, a tango shoe, an italian moka coffee machine, necklaces of various kinds, a tibetan bell, and a live thunderstorm which erupted during the workshop.

The samples recorded served as a basis for the composition of a 15 minutes piece, which was only made by those sounds: sometimes in their original form, sometimes manipulated. No other sound was used to compose this relaxing sound narrative, and no synthesis was employed as well.

Composers: Andrea Pelino, Elisa Castelletta, Gaia Ravera, Giacomo Conti, Guido Tattoni, Laura Corradi, Matteo Bonacci, Sara Ricciardi
3-4 July 2016

All the recorded samples will be available in their upcoming library category [check back in a few weeks time], while the narrative can be enjoyed here in compressed quality. If you need or wish a full quality file, please contact us.


More images can be found here: (instagram #relaxingorchestra)
Or here (facebook #relaxingorchestra)
While here ( there are some pictures of the installation