Pimp my Axe! is a conference that was prepared for a tour of China’s main cities in spring 2017. The tour touched art universities, language schools and contemporary art galleries.

The idea behind the conference is to show to a not necessarily music educated audience the design process behind some musical instruments that were invented throughout the 20th century.

Therefore, in a journey that starts from Théremin’s Russia and ends with contemporary artist Tarek Atoui, passing through Luigi Russolo’s Intonarumori and John Cage’s Prepared Piano, the audience is brought to reflect on the role of sound, music, silence and noise, and to discover the design process behind these iconic instruments.

The conference was held in the following venues:
East China Normal University – Shanghai, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology – Beijing, Senmiao Language Centre – Beijing, Beijing Union University – Beijing, Xinyi School – Beijing, Senmiao Language Centre – Shanghai, Art23 Contemporary Art Gallery – Hangzhou