NABA Soundscape Project commences in early 2016 as a way to include research in sound recording and manipulation in the Academy’s daily activities. Whilst maintaining its roots in the labs of a Sound Design course developed and conducted by prof. Guido Tattoni, the project naturally expands and intersects with all the study fields that are part of the Academy’s operations, through seminars, workshops and a variety of side-projects.

Currently, NABA Soundscape Project has four main chapters:

  1. A library of original sound samples that are free to download and use in any sound design application
  2. A series of Soundscapes, that are the results of a field research activity based on the work of Raymond Murray Schaffer and which form an invaluable archive of the sound of our Academy and of other locations
  3. A collection of Sound Narratives, which offer a fresh and original aural approach to storytelling
  4. A selection of Students Projects of different nature and formats which document the academic activity of the course

NABA Soundscape Project is not the only sound related activity in NABA, check out also NABA Sound: a project curated by prof. Igor Muroni whose webradio is available at

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Header image courtesy of Vittoria Malignani.

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