Habla con Ella is an intensive workshop aiming to have creative/arts students experience how to “speak” to computers. It guides them in a practical journey from their natural language to the one of computers by exploring formal languages and grammar theory and by finally developing a software application.

As creative people, we are always in search of something new, original and never seen or tried before. This is what keeps us alive and productive, what fuels our daily activity; we do that in many different ways, depending on our fields of expertise, but we normally collect a variety of new inputs and we elaborate on them with our creativity.
Imagine if you could go deeper and instead of finding new inputs, you could try a whole new way of thinking: wouldn’t it be a much more powerful experience?
Well, this is what the workshop aims to do.
The act of coding a computer application takes people to a different dimension, where they have to put themselves in a new mindset, and where they will have to think differently. Developing a software requires students to think like a computer would, and to learn a new way to lay out their thoughts.
In this workshop, students learn the basics of software engineering and learn how to think “in logic” by developing a fully functioning application from a to z.

This workshop was selected by the European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA) to be presented at ELIA Academy’s conference at Central St. Martin (London) in one of the breakout sessions dedicated to Hybridity in Teaching the Arts.

8th ELIA Academy
What’s going on Here? Exploring Elasticity in Teaching and Learning in the Arts.
London, United Kingdom
5-7 July 2017
Details of the breakout session